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Homicide – Murder, Manslaughter & Negligent Homicide

What is Homicide?

Charges involving the death of another human being are the most serious in terms of legal jeopardy. In Oklahoma, the death penalty or life imprisonment are a distinct possibility for any defendant charged with Capital Murder or First Degree Murder. Stephen Jones & Associates has decades of experience as a homicide defense attorneys in Oklahoma and an established track record of success defending against some of the most controversial and unpopular charges in Oklahoma history.

Every homicide criminal case requires a unique approach based on the specific facts of the case, types of homicide, and the charges filed. However, for every homicide case, there are some key components to mounting a successful defense.

  • Extensive knowledge of forensic science and experience with forensic experts
  • The use of private investigators, researchers and other expert witnesses
  • Putting together an accurate timeline of events surrounding the crime
  • Knowing how to select a jury and eliminate potential jurors who might carry a bias

Stephen Jones & Associates are the best murder defense lawyers and have more homicide defense law experience than any law firm in Oklahoma with these key components of homicide defense. Crimes where one or more persons were killed due to the action or actions of another person or persons require specific knowledge of the criminal justice system and the kinds of defenses that are allowed by law. Whether you are guilty or innocent, you need a murder defense lawyer that will aggressively defend you and make certain that every option available to you is considered as part of your overall defense strategy.

Stephen Jones & Associates defends clients charged with serious and violent crimes such as murder, manslaughter or homicide. We understand that there are emotional challenges with victims’ families, as well as our client’s family. We also understand how to set aside those emotions and deal with prosecutors based on facts and the law.

We have tried numerous homicide cases, and negotiated plea deals for clients charged with murder, manslaughter or negligent homicide. Our firm has handled appeals in both federal and Oklahoma courts. Our ability to find and leverage expert witnesses is unparalleled in Oklahoma and nationally. We have even called on experts from Asia and Europe in defense of our clients. We are the best and most dedicated criminal defense attorneys that a client could find.

If you are charged with or under investigation for any of the following, Stephen Jones & Associates can provide the most aggressive and knowledgeable representation you will find to the following types of homicide, manslaughter or negligent homicide. 

  • Capital Murder
  • Criminal Murder
  • Murder with Malice or Intentional Murder
  • First Degree Murder & First Degree Felony Murder
  • Second Degree Murder & Second Degree Felony Murder
  • Manslaughter
  • First Degree Manslaughter
  • Manslaughter in the Heat of Passion
  • First Degree Manslaughter in the Commission of a Misdemeanor
  • Second Degree Manslaughter
  • Negligent Homicide
  • Involuntary Manslaughter

Contact Steven Jones and Associates if you are facing any of these charges so that we can get started on your defense right away. 


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