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Criminal Tax Fraud

Criminal Tax Fraud

Criminal Tax Fraud

What is Criminal Tax Fraud & How to Avoid Charges or a Trial

Tax fraud or IRS tax evasion are any actions that willfully avoid paying legally owed taxes to the IRS. Charges often cite an attempt to mislead the government about the amount of tax owed or misrepresent the size of your tax liability. Because Criminal Tax Fraud cases often begin well before charges are filed, targets or defendants facing an investigation may be able to avoid charges or a trial if they hire an attorney who understands the complex issues governed by federal laws and

In Oklahoma, the following actions or accusations can lead to or accompany charges of tax fraud or investigations into your tax returns and payment history. If an IRS Special Agent or the Department of Justice (US Attorney) questions you about, mentions or uses any of the following phrases or descriptions, you need to call Stephen Jones & Associates right away. Here are some examples of tax evasion and tax fraud. 

  • Filing a fraudulent tax report or tax return with the IRS
  • Failure to file a required tax return with the IRS
  • Failure or refusal to produce tax related information or financial documents
  • Payment using a fraudulent check or fraudulent funds
  • Action intended to defraud the US Treasury or federal government
  • Action intended to avoid paying taxes

Concealing income or illegal transfer of property are two of the most common ways that people find themselves in legal jeopardy for tax related criminal charges or investigations. How you respond to authorities can directly impact whether or not you go to trial, your likelihood of conviction, the probability of going to prison, or if you will pay a fine. Tax fraud can carry a 50% penalty for all taxes owed at the time of the fraudulent action.

Stephen Jones and Associates has more than 30 years of experience providing effective defense in the most complex tax situations. Whether you were unaware that your actions were criminal, you got caught up in something that was out of your control, or you were just doing what you were told, the best possible defense starts with hiring a qualified attorney who specializes in tax related criminal matters and white-collar crime. First time offenses are more easily defended and can result in elimination of fines or jail time, but it is essential that you have an attorney that understands how to interact with the US Attorney, IRS or federal tax authority.

Stephen Jones and Associates have successfully defended criminal and civil tax court cases in the United States Court of Claims, United States Tax Court and the Federal District Courts. Approximately 50% of the cases Stephen Jones and Associates have handled have resulted in a no prosecution report from the special agent in charge of the investigation. The Internal Revenue Service and the Department of Justice have an elaborate review process. Stephen Jones has been able to persuade the government not to indict many of his clients at every level of that process from special agent to Assistant United States Attorney.


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