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Criminal Law

Criminal LawCriminal Law

Our firm offers unparalleled experience when it comes to criminal law. We understand that the stakes are high and can offer the support you need in aggressively defending any criminal charges you are faced with. For several decades, Stephen Jones and Associates have successfully represented clients in major criminal cases; you can rely on us.

Electronic Surveillance

Stephen Jones has resources and a positive approach to issues of electronic surveillance, including electronic search warrants, cell phone search warrants, foreign intelligence surveillance, suppression of evidence obtained, voice exemplars and other identification evidence, electronic surveillance of the Defendant’s attorney and the evidentiary uses that may be made of evidence obtained from electronic surveillance. Additionally, Stephen Jones is especially versed in how to confront and challenge such electronic surveillance.


Stephen Jones has defended more than 40 homicide cases, most of which were first-degree murder trials or investigations. He represented the Sirloin Stockade Killer, Roger Dale Stafford, in his federal post-conviction relief applications and extended his life by eight years. Jones’ representation of homicide cases and investigations even reaches back to Madeline Webb, who was convicted of murder in the 1930s in New York.

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Stephen Jones thinks outside of the box. He is imaginative, creative with Federal Crimes prior to indictment. We try to be always prepared, discreet and reasonable. All inquiries made through this website will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

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