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Article 15

Article 15Article

An Article 15 is a form of military justice and non-judicial punishment for lesser or “punitive “offenses that can be handled by either a commanding officer or a trained military justice attorney in lieu of a Court Martial, a military trial. 

Article 15 proceedings are dangerous for the uninitiated because they can lead to separation from the service. For example, if you accept an Article 15, you may lose your right to a court martial. Military defense lawyers are overworked and they are few in numbers. Any military non-commissioned officer or officer is wise to consult with private counsel, and few have the experience of Stephen Jones and Associates in Oklahoma.

Along with military Article 15 proceedings, Stephen Jones and Associates also handles the following military law matters: Military Court Martial proceedings for various offenses and other types of military Non-Judicial Punishment

You deserve the right to an attorney who is well versed in all aspects of military law and who will defend your rights as you are innocent into proven guilty. Stephen Jones is the military defense attorney who has this experience to help with your military justice matters. 


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