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Judicial and Media Accolades

Judicial and Media Accolades

Stephen Jones and Associates is unique in that recognition of success comes from the very highest levels of legal analysts, media sources, judges and other judicial, legal and bar organizations. All awards and recognitions received over the years cite professionalism, tenacity and exceptional ability.

Stephen Jones was the 1999 recipient of the Chester Bedell Lecture Award. Each year the Florida Bar Association, the fifth largest in the United States, recognizes a single lawyer to deliver a self-composed lecture at the “Chester Bedell Memorial Lecture.” Past recipients include:

  • William Sessions, Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • Lord William of Mustyn, QC, Justice of Appeals for the United Kingdom
  • Lawrence Walsh, Iran-Contra Special Prosecutor
  • Colonel Oliver North’s attorney, Brendan Sullivan
  • David Boies, former President of the American Bar Association
  • Robert W. Meserve, ethics leader in the legal profession
  • Benjamin R. Civiliett, former Attorney General


Media Accolades and International Media

Stephen Jones has appeared as a consultant or has been the subject of an interview or special recognition piece for TIME Magazine, U.S. News and World Report, the New York Times, Atlanta Constitution, Tulsa World, The Oklahoman, Los Angeles Times, The Guardian and The Observer. His national and international television appearances include Good Morning America, two segments of CBS’ “60 Minutes”, 16 appearances on The Today Show (NBC) and others. Additionally, his decisions in the McVeigh defense are described positively in the book, “The Moral Compass of the American Lawyer” by Richard Zitran and Carol M. Langford.

Stephen Jones is in fact a fearless and aggressive attorney who believes in zealous representation of our clients’ interests. See what others say about Stephen Jones’ aggressive defense and ethical principles:

There are no racial overtones to his conviction, no questions about his mental capacity or the quality of his legal representation [regarding McVeigh]

New York Times, 2001

New York Times

He [McVeigh] has had counsel [Stephen Jones] who has consistently demonstrated his skill and experience as an advocate with a complete and dedicated commitment to his professional responsibility.

Richard P. Matsch

Chief Judge, US District Court for the District of Colorado, as quoted in United States v. McVeigh, 955 F. Supp 1281, 182 (D. Colo 1997)

Jones is a savvy country lawyer whose foremost “duty” is to force the government.

Martha Ezzard

Atlanta Journal, June 10, 2001

Stephen Jones, lead counsel for Timothy McVeigh, conducted a very active and aggressive campaign to mitigate the negative effects of statements from government sources and from broadly circulated speculations about what could be evidence against his client.

Richard P. Matsch

Chief Judge, US District Court for the District of Colorado, as quoted in United States v. McVeigh, 964 F. Supp 313,315 (D Colo 1997)

Jones represented McVeigh with intelligence and integrity… We owe Stephen Jones a debt of gratitude… All of America saw him help us make certain our judicial system worked the way it should.

Frank Keating

Former Governor of Oklahoma, as quoted in Newsday, October 9, 1997

There is no doubt in my mind that Stephen Jones views this [the Oklahoma City bombing] to be a terrible crime… that he can go ahead and represent someone accused of that is the mark of a very professional lawyer.

Tony Graham

Former Federal Prosecutor, as quoted in the Star Tribune, June 20, 1995

Some lawyers aren’t cut out for it [representing McVeigh]. I’m not. But thank heaven for those who are, they make our justice system work.

Mimi Wesson

Criminal Law Professor, University of Colorado

…Timothy McVeigh received remarkable assistance of counsel

Scott Robinson

Denver Trial Lawyer and Legal Analyst, Rocky Mountain News, May 29, 1997

The post-verdict coverage has given us an unusual look at Stephen Jones, the principal defense lawyer. I have been stuck by the uncommon dignity; sense of purpose and duty he has displayed.

Richard Grossman

Syracuse Post Standard, June 22, 1997

He is not the kind of person who takes his duties as a defense lawyer lightly, especially in a case of this magnitude.

Phil Brown

Enid News & Eagle

Jones and [U.S. District Judge] Matsch stand out as examples of what the legal profession ought to be about, but seldom is today: placing justice above personal fame, preserving the dignity of the judicial process in a sound bite society.

Martha Ezzard

Atlantic Journal, June 10, 2001

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