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Stephen Jones’ Criminal Defense Process

Criminal Defense Process

There are more than 60 commonly employed defenses covering virtually every criminal defense prosecution. Under the guidance of Stephen Jones as your attorney, you can quickly discover whether a particular defense is available to you. These include public policy defenses, excuse and justification defenses, non-exculpatory public policy defenses, as well as duress and insanity or other mental deficiencies.

Stephen Jones’ criminal defense process includes:

  1. Obtaining immunity for his client.
  2. Obtaining a letter of non-prosecution from the prosecutors.
  3. Obtaining a decision to decline prosecution of Jones’ clients.
  4. Filing and winning motions to suppress evidence including search warrants, electronic surveillance and PIN registers.
  5. Successful invocation of the Fifth Amendment while avoiding the words, “Fifth Amendment” and “incriminating.”
  6. The client, upon Jones’ advice, maintains silence and refuses to discuss the case with anyone, including family members, close friends, or law enforcement officials.
  7. The client follows Jones’ advice not to sign any alleged waiver of search or interviews, or to sign any consent for such warrants or interviews.
  8. Jones employs his imagination, skill and professionalism as your lawyer based on his experience and personal attention to your case. He will not hand you off to an associate to take responsibility.
  9. The client helps himself of herself by following Jones’ three requirements:
    1. Pay a reasonable, agreed upon fee.
    2. Always tell him the truth.
    3. Do not do what he instructs you not to do, and follow the instructions he does give. He will never ask you to do anything unethical, immoral, or illegal.
  10. Do not try to be your own lawyer.


Note: In most criminal investigations, all the punitive Defendant has is his lawyer, and it is that lawyer and his skill that stand between your arrest or conviction and a prison sentence. Your lawyer is the only barrier between yourself and the District Attorney, local police, FBI, ATF, IRS special agents and their expert witnesses, analysts and field agents. It is clearly a case of “David against Goliath.” The relationship you have with your lawyer must be based upon mutual trust, respect and following his or her advice.

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Stephen Jones thinks outside of the box. He is imaginative, creative with Federal Crimes prior to indictment. We try to be always prepared, discreet and reasonable. All inquiries made through this website will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

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